Thursday, 30 May 2013

A case study of Welcome To School Initiative Project By Unicef

The Case study is based on practical field experience when I was working with ACTED in UNICEF funded project Naming Welcome to school initiative project.. 
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GPS Tangi is situated in UC Sadbar kalay Tehsil Samarbagh Dir lower. The school is located 3 kilometers away from the main road leading to Samarbagh from Munda having more than 180 students, three teachers 4 rooms along with staff office and an auspicious playground.
The school is headed by Mr. Habib Ur Rahman, head teacher of the school attaining age of 60s.
Mr. Habib Ur Rahman when we approached, introduced and briefed about the project activities welcome all the activities except sports and co-curriculum activities as he declared this as a waste of time and presumed that he would not allowed to have these activities specially sports events.
With due respect and reverence acted visiting team tried to make him convinced yet he still  refused to accept and allow, it was concluded for the matter to be discussed in the future.
 Keeping hope and commitment in mind Acted team member during the next visit held a formal PTC and teachers Joint meeting again raised the same to issue to be resolved and with the help of explaining the advantages, affects of sports on human physical, mental and educational development and growth managed to convince him for the reason.
He agreed conditionally that acted team members would be responsible to arrange and conduct the event.
With the consent of the school PTC members Acted team member Samiullah khatir in a meeting decided to have the event on 24 august 2012 making two separate cricket teams to have a contest in the same school playground.
On the decided day the match was played in a peaceful environment between two teams with great pump and show in front of large numbers of community members who were invited through letters dispatched on behalf of school PTC chairman.
The school head master participated the event was invited and declared to preside over the prize distribution ceremony.
Observing the zeal and competence of students keenly interested in the match and ceremony the head master also became very influenced and interested in the event.
He presented the medals and prizes to school students participating in the match along with the Chief Guest and Acted team member, categorically declared this type of activities very fruitful and contributory to learning environment in the school and asked ACTED Pakistan to organize same sort of event in the future assuring his full cooperation with other staff members and community activists. The next day during a telephonic conversation he told ACTED team member that students now taking very interest in their studies and also 100 % attendance was observed on the same day he called.
Thus we proved that with proper mobilization and community ownership sense creation nothing is impossible to be carried out and no one in the community should be declared rigid unless he is tried to be convinced with positive arguments and productive conversation.
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