Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Drones attacks would be continued in Pakistan

US drone attackes would be continued in Pakistan as told by government and CIAsources in Washington.
It has been decided by President Barack Hussain Obama for the Pantagon to continue operations in war on terror instead of CIA.
Reports further say that drone attacks in Yemen will be carried out under the supervision of armed forces as the US millitary with of the help of Yemeni forces conducts operations there since along.
However, the administration’s goal would be to transfer the Pakistan drone operations to the military, one US official said on condition of anonymity.
The internal debate within the administration about whether to switch control of drone strikes to the military has been going on for months. Obama is under heightened pressure to show that his administration is transparent, after a series of scandals about civil liberties and allegations of government overreach broke last week.
Obama will make a speech on Thursday at the National Defense University in Washington that will include discussion of the government’s use of drones as a counterterrorism tool. It is unclear whether he will announce the drone program shift in that speech or separately.
A White House National Security Council spokesperson and a CIA spokesperson each declined comment.

the decision of this shift has been taken after along consultation and debates lasting months there in Washington by US defense officials


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