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Abaseen Yousafzai Poetry,.

In Pashto Times Abaseen Yousafzai and Muhammad Israr Attal Pashto Poetry are most searched keywords and we found you like it. Pashto Times committed Team is always blogging for your demands and preferences and will be working to bring you the contents you like and wish to read and watch.

Abaseen yousfzai was born in Khan Pur Chakdara Dir lower and working as dean of faculty and professor of Pashto in Islamia college University Peshawar. Till now he has composed tow books of his poetry naming Ghuranzgoona and Alwat and both has books were published for several times which shows his popularity among Pashtoon readers and poetry lovers.
Pashto Times brought you some his famous Ghazals in written taken from his books and his official face book page. Hope you will give us feed back to improve and get better with Pashto Times.

His Ghazal " Sa di halato Lewany krama sa Taa Lewany,
                             Zaan Rata khkari kala kala pa Rekhtia Lewany.
Translation...O dear you and the bad times made me senseless and I often feel myself really a mad man.
In another verse of This ghazal he very romantically point the happening when Adam was expelled out of Heaven.
Hagha Janat Prikhay wo ma ba la dunya wobase
Laka Adam ghundi za Hum yam da Hawa lewany.
He left the heaven and sure I will be expelled here the world as I am also lover of Eve.
Ghazal of Abaseen Yousafzai. 

Laka wawro ke da oor na lari takhtay 
Lewany ye che da koor na lari takhtay. 

Abaseen Yousfazai Ghazal " Da ghooro ghooro zulfo pre waryazee ghroona ghroona
                                                                Sri shondi ye da Makh pa speena wawra ke gholona "
Where Abaseen describes his beloved beauty with reference of hair, eyes, lips eyebrows, cheeks, ears and nose etc and portray a live image of his beloved very artistically and this makes Absaseen one of the great poets of his age.

He is the true son of the soil and loves his mother land, language and people and most often we see he express his love in his poetry. He calls him self and his Pashtoon nation one of best, courageous, open minded, romantic, beautiful and very loving to human being. He says in a verse of the below give Ghazal that I can't sense the boundaries of my self As I am too open minded. 

His title verses on his poetry book Ghorzangoona is often quoted whenever some one talks about Pashtoon simplicity, honor, hospitality, truthfulness, and lovely. In the mentioned verses he articulates " Though we Pashtoon live in dark back mountains yet we live alive in beautiful hearts and we are very truthful though we live in our muddy houses with simple life style. 

Hope these few examples would have made you convinced about the great art of Professor Abaseen Yousafzai and will be wishing to read more with Pashto Times so be with Us and our team will carry on. 

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