Monday, 7 October 2013

Some interesting Pictures

Here are some interesting, funny, saddening, gloomy, and really inspiring pictures by Pashto Times on its Face Book Page by our hardworking team.
Hope you will enjoy to see and share these again on your social media accounts.
A gloomy picture with Pashto Verse or Shair
A praying man with Rahman baba poetry. 
A cultural picture of Pashtoon cute baby with an inspiring poetry. 
A public service message 
A funny picture of Asif Ali Zardari 
 A heart touching scene with pashto Poetry. 
A black beauty with long hair 
Sad picture of Terrorism victims 
Dara Khyber and Khatir afridi, what a combination 
Portraying the poverty 
Water lily 
Funny about Karachi 
 Extreme Stupidity 
Afghan nomads or Afghan Kochyan. A picture of nomadic community of Afghanistan. 
 Miserable life of afghan women and child 

Love painting and pashto shair 

Traditional pashtoon house in Pakistan and Afghanistan. 
Poetry of Khatir Afridi of Dara Khyber 
Khatir Afridi Ghazal. Mesri khan khatir 

Natural image 
The picture showing the power of People in Democracy
 The love of mother and daughter 
Pashto poetry of Nahid Sahar. VOA Deewa Radio 

 The menace of Capitalism 

Art of nature 

Love of Books and writings 

Kochyan or Afghan nomads 
Historical picture of Allama Iqbal 

Childhood is innocence \
Gul panra funny picture 
Poverty and children 
Miserable afghan kids
Brave pashtoons 

Laborer children playing cricket 

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