Saturday, 18 January 2014

BBC Pashto Service launched its own Pashto TV channel.

BBC Pashto Service broadcasting its radio transmission for Pakistan and Afghanistan since early 70s and have a large numbers of listeners in both sides of the borders across Durand line.
Beside news and current affairs programs BBC Pashto has played a greater role in educating Pashtoon rural community and motivating the deprived segments of the society to mainstream themselves in national and international development.

During Afghan Jehad era Pashto BBC Played due role against Russian invasion to keep the masses updated about the development in batter field. The Most of the world leading news agencies relied on BBC Pashto Radio for news in Afghanistan and off course who does't know Rahimullah Yousafzai as Afghan affairs specialist via BBC Pashto and then Later on BBC Urud.

Last week BBC announced to be prepared for live TV transmission in Pashto and its now on air all around the world.
 key or Bess key for BBC Pashto to have in satellite and on line streaming
Satellite Express Am22 53" East
System Encryption: DVB Free
KU Frequency 11474 (114745000)
Polarization: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 4666
FEC 3/4

For live straming BBC Pashto Pashto Time will Upload the link later on. Here is the link to go direct and watch

Link for BBC Pashto Web site

BBC Urdu service 

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