Friday, 17 January 2014

Ghazal of Fazal Subhan Abid.

Fazal Subhan Abid is a well known Pashto contemporary poet, belongs to Dargai Malakand and stays in Dubai UAE to earn his livelihood. His famous Pashto Poem was about Peshawar " Pekhawar kho Pekhwar day kana".
And ofcourse Lewani Mosam la Yara lewani kali ta rasha,, che gulab yow bul la warkoo pa sparly kali ta rasha, was also versified by Fazal Subhan Abid sung by different pashto Singers like Tariq Hussain Bacha, Haroon Bacha, Kifyat shah Bacha and Nazia Iqbal beside others.
Here is a Pashto Ghaazal written by Fazal Subhan Abid.

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