Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Training of Trainers by TUSDEC in collaboration of ACTED Pakistan.

The training of trainers in Dress making and embroidery was conducted in KPK chamber of Commerce Peshawar KPK by TUSDEC in collaboration of ACTED under project title, improving access quality and service delivery of TVET sector to the marginalized communities through innovative approaches.
Trainers from Swat Relief Initiatives, DEWA Talash Dir lower, SIDB Dir lower, and Inshallah Social welfare Dastakari Center Dir upper participated in training lasted for 20 days supervised and conducted by well skilled and most experience trainers from TUSDEC.
After completion of successful training a certificate distribution ceremony was conducted along with a remarkable exhibition of products produced by trainees during trainees in dress making and embroidery.
People from all walks of life showed extraordinary interest in embroidered shawls, scarves and interier decoration pieces, offered and paid awesome returns to the trainees for the products they made and presented in the exhibition.
During exhibition and certificate distribution ACTED Pakistan were represented by Muhammad Sohail Project Manager TVET from Islamabad and Samiullah khatir Project Team leader in North KPK.

Some of the pictures of embroided dresses and others pieces of decoration are shared here for viewers of Pashto Times.
Training materials during a training session in Chamber of Commerce KPK Peshawar.
A glance of training hall with basic materials of dress  making and embroidery in TOT by TUSDEC.
 Special computerize machine of dress making and embroidery to train the trainees with modern trends.
 Trainers are busy in embroidering during training. Special style were inculcated to trainees in particular session of TOT.
An embroidered sandals designed by a trainee during training of embroidery in Peshawar KPK By ACTED.
A piece joint efforts of  embroidery and dress making trainees with cultural touch of KPK wearing style.
Learning Machine embroidery by trainees. 
Utilization of the latest information technologies to search for latest designs in embroidery
 Adda Work
Traditional hand embroidery is in progress. 
A traditional female shirt 

One of trainees displaying her best work to attract buyers in exhibition and yes it did work when an foreigner lady tended to buy this one paying 8000 PKR.
Project manager and team leader of TVET project in the exhibition of dress making and embroidery 

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