Thursday, 9 January 2014

Urdu Poetry of Habib Jalib

Urdu Poetry of Habib Jalib.
Habib Jalib beside a revolutionary poet having part in active politics managed to name himself among well known popular vocalist orators. He was born in Hoshyar Pur District of India and educated for his high school in Anglo Arabic High School Dehli. Migrated to Pakistan after partition and lived in Karachi and then in 1956 Shifted to Lahore to take active part in struggle against feudalism  of Pakistan and imperialist
His short introduction in Urdu

Here are some of his well read poem for you people hope you would like to read and share with your friends.

Habib Jalib was poet of poor and deprived communities of Pakistan and fought for their rights till the end. 
An other piece of his popular poetry.
Off course he will be remembered as versatile and voice of poor people's poet among Urdu poetry lovers. 
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