Sunday, 30 March 2014

Christ Gayle celebration after win Over Australia.

Watch how Mr. Big Man Cris Gayle and other West Indians players celebrated win over Australia.
Special the big man Crist Gayle went sense less and had funny dance with mad man like character in the middle of the ground. It looked he was really angry with Australian players and very happy to win.
So enjoy the last few balls of match Between West Indies and Australia in 5th T20 world cup  being played in Bangladesh.
Funny, excited and remember-able moments of Cris Gayle and others

West Indies Celebration After win Over Australia by socialexpress

Here is the TV report about Cris Gayle and West Indian players celebrations after win over Australia.

Celebrations of Chirs Gayle & other players... by contracter

So enjoy with Pashto Times and share these clips with your friends to enjoy..

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