Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bomb Blast in Islamabad leaves 23 dead and dozens injured.

Bombs blast in Islamabad leaves 23 dead and many others injured.
The bomb blasted in Islamabad Fruit And Vegetable Market a short while ago.
Aljazeera from Doha Live Reports.
The explosion was too much high and intensive that it was heard around 12 kilometers radius.

The Story is developing and Pashto Times will update you after a few minutes.

It was highly intensive explosion in Sabzi Mandi Islamabad any militant organization have not claimed responsibility for the happening.

Latest Reports say 12 people were killed in that Bomb Blast in Islamabad Fruit Market today how ever the numbers are varying from different sources. The exact number of killed will be updated latter on.

Express tribune reported 47 injured in which many are in severe conditions and the death toll may raise.

According to an official of PIMS 32 injured are under treatment in the hospital.

IG Islamabad told the media that 4 to 5 kilograms explosive materials were used in the blast.
President, Prime Minister and interior minister Choudry Nisar Ali Khan condemned the blast and called it against humanity.
Taliban Spokesperson Shahid Ullah Shahid declined the responsibility of the blast and called it un Islamic and declared that Taliban think killing of innocent human beings is Haram according to Sharia principles.

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