Sunday, 6 April 2014

Flood in Panjkoorrah River Dir lower.

After heavy rainfall and snowfall since last 30 days in north KPK has caused flood in River Pajkora Dir lower and Dir Upper.
Today River Panjora level of water has been increased a lot and looks at the high point during the last 3 years after the devastating flood all around the county in 2010. Its still raining with cats and dogs and more dense rain are forecasted by weather department in the next few day which makes the local people worried about the water level and flooding in river Panjora.

Here Are A few Pictures taken an hour ago today which better show the intensity of flooding.
Picture snapped by Samiullah khatir 
The waters level is continuesly increasing with the passage of Time.
Photo By Samiullah Khatir

River Panjkora Caused a lot of damage during flooding back in 2010.
Photo by Samiullah khatir RJ FM rokhan and the blog updated by Inamullah khan Pashto Times admin.
A view of River Panjkoora in Timergara which better shows the flood level and people attitude towards environmental protection.
River Panjkora at Dir lower Timergara Balambat. 

 From Balambat Bridge, The look of River Panjkoora Dir lower and Dir upper.

Photo By Samiullah Khatir and Uploaded by Inamullah khan admin Pashto Times.
Dark look at the evening. 
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