Sunday, 13 April 2014

Google Glasses, ready for sale.

Computerized touch Google glass is ready for sale in United State of America (USA) from Mid April 2014 and hopefully be sold out in United Kingdom from Next month.
The news have been announced by the world best search Engine and Internet providing company Google.
The Computerized glasses will be used by Customers as they do common sun glasses and the basic price for these glasses has been finalized by Google to be 1500 Dollars. The device can be control through sound or touch. 
The Google will allow you to buy and use these glasses if you have attained age of 18 years. Google have sold 8000 of  these glasses in 2013 and the users were named of explorers. The numbers of Explorers ( Who Use Google Glasses  or User of Google Glasses ) may be multiply raised this year. 
Google Glass is actually a smart phone through which movies and pictures can be snapped and made with out to be noticed by some one. 
If the User ( Explorer ) is connected with internet then the device can tell him where exactly he is and what is name and address of building in front of him. 
So if you have money and can spend 1500 dollars to have this computerized touch Google Glasses, then you instantly contact someone in USA right now to buy it for you and send it to make you you one of the Explorers with Google Eyes or Google Glasses. 
And Yes you can book your Google Computerized Touch Glasses online too yet for this you have to search with Google online. 
Is not it amazing to have google Glasses???? 
Yeah it is. I am sure about your answer.
Hopefully the Google Glasses will be available in Pakistan from 2015.

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