Thursday, 10 April 2014

Imran khan recent interview.

Here we present PTI chairman Imran khan recent interviw with Nadeem Malik for our valued viewers.
In this explosive interview Imran says that most of the Taliban wish to live with peace and co existence.
Imran khan in this interview calls the Wazir, Masood and Batanai tribes are the people who depend the country in times when needed.
Imran views that military operation is not a solution to the terrorism in Pakistan and it is proved from the 6000 military operation been conducted in last 10 years.
He examplifies his notion saying that Operation in Baluchistan, operation in many others areas failed frequently which proved his point of views regarding war.
He openly says that he and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif are on the same page. He also praised the role of Interior Minister Choudary Nisar for his positive efforts in processing peace talks though Imran said he had problem with other PML N leaders yet he appreciated the PM Nawaz Sharif Role in peace dialogue.

Nadeem Malik Live (Imran Khan Special Interview by Pashto Times. 

Here is the video of the detailed interview of Imran khan with Nadeem Malik on SAAMA TV on 27 March, 2014.
In the interview he also talks about the 150 Millions dollars gifted by a friendly state. Imran khan says we trained Mujahideen and Al Qayeeda in 80s which resulted the boast of terrorism and we are the people now killing them for dollars.
The aid from Friendly State will be used for sectarian violence among different sects of Muslims and its a deliberate attempt divide the Muslims.
Imran khan opposes any role in Syria and stress that Pakistan should be nuetral in this issue. We should move towards truth and reconciliation process like Nelson Mandela of South Africa. Nelson Mandela was the father of Truth and Re conciliation process after Apartheid war in that African country.
Imran khan also tells that Taliban do not want Sharia in the country and their only demand is that America should withdraw from Afghanistan. 

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