Sunday, 6 April 2014

Imran Khan Refused to Meet Provincial Election Commissioners.

Pakistan Tehrik Insaf Leader and Cricketer Turned Politician Imran Khan met the CEC Justice Retired Nasir Ul Mulk while refused to meet the others 4 members of the commission for their alleged involvement in rigging in May 11 national election in Pakistan.
Imran khan mainly have reservation in Punjab and Sindh and claims pre polling rigging for PML N candidates by interim/ caretaker provincial governments and provincial election commission members.
Najim Sithti the Chairman of PCB is alleged by PTI to have made 35 punctures for PML N in Panjab province.
PTI senior leader and Lawyer Hamid Ali khan explained that Imran Khan did not meet the members of ECP as they were dishonest.

PTI only delivered in KPK province during May 2013 national elections while PML N led the federal government along with Panjab and Balochistan

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