Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Mobile can be charged in 30 Seconds.

You would be often getting late for charging your mobile battery as it takes a lot of time generally to charge it. And yes particularly using smart phone you frequently need your mobile to be charge for your interactions and social media activities.
But the days are gone when you had to wait at least an hour to charge you smart phone and can go in hurry and get late too in your office or wedding party of your friend or relative.
An Israeli mobile company claimed it has invented a specially designed mobile charger which can fully charge an empty mobile just in 30 seconds.
In Talabib تلابیب Israeli Mobile Production Company Store Dot have completed this research with collaboration with Talaabib University and the product has been successfully applied to SAMSUNG Model GALAXY 4.
STORE DOT, the mobile production company claims that the charger has been developed with special materials which can charge the mobile in 30 second of Time.
The company has only presented the proto type of the product and officially it will be launch sooner after the final approval.

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