Thursday, 10 April 2014

Solar Rickshaw in Pakistan.

Pakistani Student from Karachi Rashid Alam developed Rickshaw run on solar energy.
The Energy battery can also be recharged from electricity whenever needed.
The Rickshaw will cost only 75 Pisas per kilometer. Private companies are very interested to buy this very productive technology.

Beside the Rashid Alam there were 10 other members to complete this project of Solar Penal Rickshaw.
The project coordinator Dr. Abid Told Nai Bath Peshawar that many of private companies contacting them to buy the technology yet the government looks not interested and not yet contacted.
The solar Rickshaw invented by Pakistani Student is completely autho matci and covers distance 40 KPH.
Pashto Times. 

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  1. Best Acheivement of Pakistan Student. Best information share about related to Solar Energy in Pakistan