Sunday, 20 April 2014

Talk of the day.

Hamid Mir, renowned, well known journalist and TV anchor of GEO Pakistan was shot thrice in Karachi Last Night by four unidentified gunmen riding two bikes was the talk of the day today, was the story of the day which was sold by TV channels, news papers and news webs like hot cake.
On social media and mainstream media people from all walks of life condemned the attack and called it brutal, inhuman and cruelly killing the spirit of freedom of speech and independence of journalism which was called the fourth pillar of  state by the founder, The Great and Ever Praised Qauid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
Some of news papers like Daily Pakistan on line have reported today,s afternoon that Panjabi Taliban had claimed responsibility for the attack on Hamid Mir yet the newspaper did not mentioned what was the reason Taliban explained for carrying this attack.
Prime Minister of Pakistan have ordered probe about the matter while a three members investigating committee and reward of 10 million Rupees for any one who helps in any sort of information linking the assailants who attempted to silence the man of truth as some of Pakistanis believe him. PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutoo Zardari and PTI chairman Imran khan  as usual made their  attendance on social media accounts especially on twitters and both condemned the sad incident while calling it try to end freedom of expression in the country and make the society more intolerant.
Interesting thing was that Mr. Aamir Liaqaat Hussain, so called religious scholar and an other Geo Tv anchor challenged the Taliban saying the 9 mm bullet will not be enough to kill him therefore Taliban should come with enough strong and latest weapon to fight him and his fellows. More interestingly the challenge was replied by many of his critics and opponents on social media. I think this is also a cheap tactic of becoming popular on social media and a wish to be highlighted by commentators who follow certain kind of Face Book pages particularly.
Though Hamid Mir is not considered a liberal at all yet his courage and open mindedness is appreciated by liberals and secular class. I observed it when I was crawling on different news bits and this is why the religious or Psedu religious minded people today enormously condemned Hamid for what he spoke against Army, ISI and Taliban. Many of the commentators arguing since then till now to register a case under article six against Geo News and Hamid Mir for alleging false accusation on an institution which is solely responsible for defense of the mother land.
ISPR has reacted very strongly after condemning the attack and right now the public relationship wing of Pakistan Army has categorically said that they will be pursuing those who alleged the army for involvement in this sad incident.
So here we go, The story will be talk of the town for quite few weeks and will be matter of concern not only for Pakistanis rather some Indians have also jumped down to Pakistani Site to discuss and pull legs on the issue.
The issue will be fulfilling the belly of the media organizations as after joint participation of Chief Of Army Staff and Prime Minister in a army passing out parade in Kakol a day before disappointed some anchors of TV channels for hot issues to talk about. 

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