Saturday, 5 April 2014

The 5th Amir Jamat Islami. The great Man Siraj ul Haq.

The 5th Amir of Jamat Islami Pakistan Mr. Siraaj Ul Haq belongs to Samar Bagh Dir lower KPK. He is serving as senior minister of KPK in the allied government with KPK along with having the responsibilities of finance minister of KPK as well as looking after the  ministry of Planing and development. JI having alliance with major and popular PTI in KPK government in Pakistan after election 2013 in when Jamat Islami hardly managed to secure seats from Lower, Upper Dir and Bunner.
Jamat New Amir Siraj Ul Haq won his seat from his domiciled constituency PK 95 Samabargh Dir lower and became the senior minister for 2nd time as he held the same position in MMA Government back in 2002 till 2007 when he resigned after drone attack on a religious seminary in Dama Dolla Bajour though it was revealed after that he did it as he became the provincial amir of JI and he was not qualified then to hold public office as Amir of JI.
Now after defeating Mr. Munaawar Hassan the most controversial Amir in the History of Jamat Islami and Party central leader from Punjab Mr. Liaqat Baloch, Mr. Seraj Ul Haq became 5th Amir of Jamat Islami.
The jamat Islami was founded by Muolana Moudoodi and he was the 1st amir of JI.
The JI voters are mostly in KPK but the  members having strong ideological identification and attachments are around the country which make Jamat Islami a party with more street powers to agitate any time against any government and the case is proved previously where JI successfully managed to disestablish different government.
Here is the article about Siraj Ul Haq written by Khalid Sohail the senior columnist in Daily Mashriq Peshawar. The column is reproduced by Pashto Times for its valuable viewers.
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