Thursday, 10 April 2014

The most sweetest Tajik Song by sweetest Tajik Girl ,Nazia Karamatullah.

The song of Nazia Karamat Ullah is one of sweetest songs I have heard in my life and not only I rather many who have heard the tone and tune of it once in life will be fascinated for sure.
The song was presented in an open air theater in Tajikistan where the government officials along with thousand of native people were present and were listening it with dancing, cheering , clapping and showering flowers over Nazia Karamat. Childern, old and grown up, women and yes surely the young every one was dancing and cheering to show they love to listen Nazia live in front of them. She is most loved one in Tajikistan and yes she really deserves that for her beautiful eyes, innocent gesture and attractive hair style.
I wish if she she could sing in Pashto Or Persian any way she does well in Tajik Language which though we People do not understand yet music has no borders and language and this very reality is again proved when we hear or listen to Nazia Karamat.
This song is going hit since last two years on YouTube, Face Book, twitted by lovers of sweet music around the world.

The Song was sung by A sweet Tajik Girl Nazia Kiramatullah نازیہ کرامت اللہ on independence day of Tajikistan in a open air festival.
The viral  song is named called ( Sweet Girl  or Dream Girl ). Baitho Baith Dilgeram and Naghoo Naghoo نگھو نگو of Nazia Kiramat Ullah from Tajikistan is the most viewed, watched and downloaded song in 2013 therefore the song can be rightly declared the song of 2013 or at least the popular song of Tajikistan of the first decade of 21st Century.

negareh khaloua (dream Girl) by Pashto Times. 
Here some of Nazia cute, innocent and super hit picture on Google Images. 
Nazia Karamatullah.

The wonderful Girl of Tajikistan, The singer Nazia Karamat Ullah.

Nazia Karamat ullah, The Cute Tajikistani girl, The dream girl of the central Asia. 
 The Dream girl in special pose

Queen of Tajikistan,s music, the one and only Nazia Karamat Ullah.


The most watched online song . Loved and rated by viewers from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Qaziqstan, and gulf. 

Here enjoy the Tajikistan Dream girl song "Baitho Baito Dil Geram , Yar Dil Azaar , Zara Zara Ashk " with Pashto Times.
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