Sunday, 13 April 2014

Virus Shield is a big Scam.

If you have installed Anti Virus Software " Virus Shield " from Google, just Go to control penal of your Personal Computer ( PC), uninstall it and even remove it from Recycle Bin as it may harm your computer or even you.
The Virus Shield App is really of no use at all and Google has removed this scam software from its online store. An American Newspaper revealed that this Software has been download more than 10,000 times and it has price of 3.99 Dollars per download, so it means that the company has collected Ten Thousand of Dollars from users.
Interestingly The App does not remove virus from the data discs of your device. When you click the scan or run baton of the Virus Shield Software, it shows that as it is running and scanning your system yet actually it is making you fool and does not wash virus.
After receiving lot of complaints the Google has removed the software from its online store, there fore Pashto Times viewers are also advised to uninstall and remove the Scam Anti Virus Virus Shield.

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