Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Most Richest Pakistanis who started from Zero.

World 14 richest Celebrities who started from zero and reached to the top of the order.
Many of Pakistanis are in the given list like Shahid Khan a successful businessman in USA, Pakistani most famous and loved cricket Shahid Afridi, valued author Muhsin Hamid, and the property Tycoon of Pakistan Malik Riyaz are in the list included according to Urdu Point Akhbar Online dated as April 7, 2014.
The special report revealed that most of these people started from zero and mostly lived  a miserable life in their childhood yet with firm commitment and devotion they succeeded in life and gained the top positions recognized by world.
They are now earn a huge amount of money reckoned in billions dollars and are highly valued in international communities.
The list includes Steve jobs , J K Rolling, Sir Anwar Pervaiz, Roman Irawich, Opra Anfray, john Pall De Jowira and Denial Karigh.

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