Saturday, 3 May 2014


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Be careful while using free offers from different 3G service providers companies.
Pakistan is now the country with 3G and 4G technology and cellular service providers are kind enough to allow their customers use these latest tools for free for short period of time.

But are free 3G trials really complimentary or do they carry the baggage of hidden charges?

Well according to reports, allegedly free 3G sucked up the balance of Telenor and Ufone users.

Telenor users had to pay because of “lose integration between billing and technical department”. Mind you, the issue has not been resolved yet.

While Ufone had put the limit of 500 MB data use and after that you will be charged as per your 2G data package. But Ufone did not inform about this limitation to its customers.

Mobilink has launched the 3G trial today in more than 5 cities so there no reports about it for now. While Zong has not advertised its 3G or 4G free offers so users are not aware of its coverage area.

3G enables users to download files quickly and users end up consuming more data than they realize.

In short, use 3G free offers but make sure to keep an eye on your balance as the service might not actually be “free”.

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