Friday, 29 August 2014

Khurshid Shah Historic speech in National Assembly.

Today 29/08/2014 in National assembly of Pakistan Opposition Leader Khurshid Shah, historic speech is linked here for Pashto Time viewers.
Khurshid Shah said that we are with Democracy in Pakistan becuase we have lost our leaders Zulfiqar Ali Buttu and Muhtarma Benazir Buttu for the sake of democracy and rule of law in the country. He told that Army through ISPR should release a press release about the meeting of Imran khan, tahir Ul Qadri with Chief of Army of Staff last night.
Khurshid shah asked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to be stood affirm for the sake of democracy and constitution and state.

Khurshid Shah of PPP slapped Imran khan and Tahir Ul Qadri in National assembly.  by Pashto Times....
Khursheed Shah of PPP Demanded Press release of ISPR To clear the recent development. Khursheed shah told the house that if the government compromise with the unconstitutional demands Of PTI and PAT even then PPP and opposition will be challenging them for the sake of democracy. 

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