Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Fake Police Sub Inspector Joined PTI

Javid was fake police sub inspector as Express News TV reports it. He is involved in different crimes according to the police sources and wanted as known "10 Numbery" criminal.

The police officer joined PTI is fake. The fact is now proved and verified by different news sources of Media.
The Fake Police joining PTI is named as Javeed.
Javid joined Pakistan Tehrik Insaf a day before claiming him self as Sub Inspector Police in Panjab. He was well greeted by PTI workers and Imran khan in the dharana.
The Fake Police pictures joined PTI , Mr. Javid
Javed ( The fake police joined PTI) is alleged for many crimes in different police stations in Panjab as Ajmal Malik of Express News reported from Faisal abad. 

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