Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Javid Hashmi Speech in National Assembly.

Complete Video Speech of Javid Hashmi (PTI) In Joint Session of National Parliament in Pakistan.
Haan May Baghi Hon,, The autobiography of Javid Hashmi written by Javid Hashmi about his political career and rebellions he did in his life, once again proved that he is Baghi from any extra constitutional and illegal demands of the party chairman and cricketer turned politician Imran khan,. Javid Hashmi is criticized by PTI workers online and in public forums and called Daghi instead of Baghi but the Pakistan Parliament warmly welcomed him today when he entered the parliament and all the house chanted slogans to greet him.  Javid Hashmi belonging to Multan, started his political career with Islami Jamiat Talba, the student wing of Jamat Islami later on joined PML N and a few years back he left to join PTI led by Imran khan.

Today,s important speech of Javeed Hashmi ( Javid Hashmi) President of Pakistan Tehrik Insaf (PTI ) in The join session of National assembly and Senate of Pakistan Parliament.
Javid Hashmi Critisise Prime Minister Nawaz along with the Imran khan for his ego.
Javid Hashmi Last speech in the National Assembly in the joint session of Parliament.
Last night Javeed Hashmi claimed that Army is backing Imran khan to derail Democracy.

Here is the complete video of the Javid Hashmi Speech to the joint session of parliament house after which Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif visited and hugged Javid Hashmi and thanked him for exposing the agenda of IK and the conspiracy to Derail Democracy in the country by Imran and Qadri.

Trial should be of Parliament not Imran, says... by Pashto Times. 
Javeed Hashmi Speech in the joint session. 

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