Wednesday, 1 October 2014

PML Taufiq But bashing PTI workers in Wazir Abad.

It was happened when some of the PTI workers were chanting Go Nawaz Go slogans during the PM visit. When PM and CM left the venue the PML N sitting MPA Taufeeq But and Tehsil President Imran Mani attached and bashed all the PTI workers on The spot.
In the video the PTI workers in Wazir Abad can be seen fleeing the spot when were being beaten by PML N workers.
Here is the Video of Clash Between PTI and PML N workers in Wazir Abad led by Taufeeq But after Gullu But, Bilo but and Pomi But.

The Wazir Abad incident video by Express when PML N leader Tohfiq But attacked PTI supporters chanting Go Nawaz Go slogans.

PML-N MPA chases hecklers by etribune

Dunya News reporting the mishap in the report" Following Gullu Butt, Pomi Butt and Billu Butt, a fresh character of a similar reputation Taufeeq Butt emerged on Wednesday when he bashed handful of protesters chanting ‘go Nawaz go’ during Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Wazirabad visit, Dunya News reported.
Reportedly, Butt got rid of protesters by bashing them through punches and pushes.
According to the details, Taufeeq Butt is also a member of provincial assembly (MPA) from the Punjab Assembly’s seat PP 96 and is also PML-N’s city general secretary.
Prior to being elected as an MPA for the first time in 2013, Butt was PML-N’s youth wing’s city president.
Taufeeq Butt has a reputation of being Nawaz Sharif’s diehard fan.
Reportedly, Butt got out of control when Prime Minister’s protocol vehicles were exiting halls and a bunch of protesters started chanting ‘go Nawaz go’. Butt then hit the chanters with punches and slaps and told them away of the site.
Addressing the media, Butt said that whoever tries to mess with their events will be beaten with shoes.
Commenting on the incident, Prime Minister’s daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif took to Twitter and owned Taufeeq Butt’s actions. She termed the incident as ‘tit for tat response’."
The report and video originally produced by Dunya News Pakistan.

Dunya News - PML-N supporters bash those... by Pashto Times.

Pashto Times video Of Wazir ABAD Clash between PML N and PTI supporters. 

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