Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The most hit song, Ro Imran Ro.

PTI sung Go Nawaz Go which was topping all the records last month. Go Nawaz Go was surely a most viewed song last month yet now PML N social media team in KPK developed the song Ro Imran Ro which is going very popular again Imran khan And PTI.
The song is Ro Imran Ro orignally shared by PML N social media team KPK Cry . The page is working on exposing the poor performance of PTI in KPK where Imran khan  led PTI is enjoying Government with Jamat Islami.
The Song sung by Pashtoon Singers Ro Imran ro, Ro Imran Ro, imran ro ro ke go.. or go imran go after Go Nawaz Go.
The PML N lovers are frequently sharing this song on social media that,s y pashto times also re shared the song Ro Imran Ro, ro ro k go imran ro ro. rooo ro ro k go.
Nawaz sharif lovers can download the song from Pashto Times.

PML N Social Media song. There are many others songs produced by PML N social Media Team against PTI and Imran khan but the song Ro Imran Ro is the most viewed, most searched and high rated song in political songs.
Post by Pashto Times .

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