Sunday, 16 November 2014

Telenor 3G not working Inside houses and rooms.

Telenor 3G service operated in Dir lower only in Timergara and Talash yet the worst are the signals of 3G.
Inside the rooms and houses it does not work. Many of times the subscriber contacted the local telenor office in Timergara to ask about this particular issue but they don,t know and can not satisfactorily answer.
why Telenor 3G coverage is week inside the houses and buildings. ??

Do you have any info about antenna etc to boost the signals inside the houses and rooms?/

I have also complained on Telenor official website but yet not responded. Telenor should improve its services particularly 3G in rural areas like Malakand where it would have a vast market to exploit as 3G service provider as no one other than Telenor Operating here with 3G services. 
Federal Minister for IT Anosha Rahman is also requested many times through news papers that she should focus on this issue with different cellular companies providing Three G internet on smartphone. 

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