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Imran khan and Reham Khan love affairs leading To marriage. Daily Mail Report

Daily Mail Report about Imran khan and Reham Khan.
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Originally Published by Daily Mail UK.

Imran Khan confirmed last night that he has secretly married a former BBC weather girl days after his family said he had denied it - provoking a furious reaction from his sister.
The 62-year-old Pakistan cricketer-turned-politician, who divorced heiress Jemima Goldsmith in 2004, has wed 41-year-old divorced mother-of-three Reham Khan.
On New Year's Eve, Mr Khan said rumours of marriage were 'greatly exaggerated' and his sister Aleema said the family challenged him 'a few days ago' over the news and he denied it.
Reham khan, working at BBC as Weather newscaster.
Speaking to reporters at Heathrow airport last night before boarding a flight, Khan is reported to have said: ‘I am going to Pakistan to share good news about my marriage with the nation. I have nothing to hide.’ 
Told by MailOnline that her brother had revealed he was actually married, Aleema Khan said: ‘Really? Really? Let’s see if he announces it officially. I am taken aback. 
'This is a real challenge for him. We haven’t met her and I don’t know that we want to meet her. 
Western dressed Reham khan who is believed to be marrying Imran Khan of PTI.

‘It is his decision, he is a grown up. It is more important how the children feel. I suppose in any situation like this the children will not feel good about it. They do look up to their father.'
Speaking amid a political storm surrounding rumours of the marriage, she said she hoped Reham Khan 'will be good for Pakistan and our brother'.
She added: 'It all depends on how the public respond to it. The biggest surprise is how everybody in Pakistan feels they have a right to participate in the decision. 
He is a grown man, we are watching the situation unfold.’  
The Daily Mail’s diarist Sebastian Shakespeare broke the news of Khan’s marriage to the broadcaster last week.
Reham khan of BBC in a dashing dressing with an awesome look.

Denial: Imran Khan's sister Aleema said the family had a showdown with the politician and he denied the secret marriage
Khan’s new wife lived in Britain for part of her previous marriage, when she was a weather girl and presenter on the BBC regional news programme South Today.
Reham, who was born in Libya to Pakistani parents, has three children from her previous marriage to a doctor.
It is believed family members and those in his political party tried talking him out of the marriage.   
Online abusers also set up Facebook hate pages attacking the TV news anchor.
News of the union sparked outrage in Pakistan and trolls have now accused Ms Khan of being a lesbian for stroking a woman's back, and attempted to shame her for going to parties.
Users have criticised her for wearing short skirts, lambasted her for dancing with unknown men in public, and branded her daughter a 'pornstar' while claiming to be in possession of topless pictures.
One image even claims to show Ms Khan in a sex shop in the UK wearing a pink nightdress, with a collar around her neck and a whip slung over her shoulder. 
Mr Khan's sister Aleema earlier branded the reports of marriage lies, saying they had been concocted by Mr Khan's political enemies to damage his reputation. 
Online trolls have attacked Ms Khan for her appearance, dancing with unknown men, and attending parties
She told MailOnline: ‘This is the only way the opposition know how to attack him. These are the tactics they would stoop to. It’s out of control. I guess that is politics.
‘I spoke to my brother a few days ago and he said it isn’t true. 
'We, the family, just asked him outright, have you married her? And he said no. I don’t know if they are in a relationship, here [in Pakistan] you are either getting married or you are not.
‘We’d be extremely happy if he marries a good person and settles down, of course we would. But it is not just his consideration, it’s a consideration for the country, it’s like a national-level decision. 
'There are people in Pakistan who love him so much that everyone wants to participate in his private life, they feel he is their leader and should be part of his decision.
‘Everybody [we, the family] are taken aback at how much other people want to participate in this decision.’
Asked if her brother is in a secret relationship with the TV broadcaster, she said: ‘It’s a confusing signal to everyone who follows him [but] we asked him if he was married and he said no. I don’t know if he is in a relationship. We just asked him if he was married.’ 
Reaction to the rumoured marriage had been very negative in Pakistan and there has been a backlash on social media. 
Photos of Reham in revealing clothes and a video of her doing a tango while working for the BBC are prompting insulting comments in the conservative Islamic country. 
Imran's ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith revealed in October that she was ditching the surname ‘Khan’ and reverting to her family name because her ex-husband was about to remarry.
She said at the time: ‘My ex-husband, Imran, recently announced that he intended to get remarried soon, which made me think it’s probably time to change my name back to Goldsmith.’  
Imran married Ms Goldsmith in a traditional Islamic ceremony in Paris in 1995.
She had converted to Islam prior to their wedding and had learned Urdu and started to wear traditional Pakistani clothes

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