Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Funny English by Umer Akmal.

Pakistani cricketers often make jokes while speaking English with international media. They feel embarssment whenever they confront by media particularly English media abroad.
Here is Umer Akmal Funny English with international media in Press conference.
The major issue was English language. We all know Pakistani players are very much weak in speaking English. The reason is simple as they all belong to uneducated back ground. Most of them never went to any school and those who did manage to go into one didn’t spend much time there.
With nil expertise in English it has always been a headache for Pakistani players. One other reason is lack of English county cricket for Pakistani players now. In the past they were able to learn the language when playing in England but now that chance to is out.

Umer was there to address the press conference; he managed to answer all the questions. Detailed were the answers to the questions been asked in Urdu but the questions asked in English were remained answer less.
Umer Akmal or Omer Akmal  Funny English
hahahahah so funny English by Umer or Omer Akaml.  Akaml.

very funny,English of Umar Akmal Puts Him in... by Pashto times.
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