Friday, 18 September 2015

Official Statement Of PML N Dir Lower Regarding Attacks in Badaber Peshawar.

Official Statement.
PML N Dir Lowers strongly Condemns the bloody, deadly and brutal attack on PAF air base in Badaber which left 29 innocent people including civilian and soldiers Martyr.
Praying for the martyrs to be resting in peace while the grieved deeply condoled for the loss of their nears and dears in the attacks.
The Nation is committed to show our strong, affirm and unconditional support to the security agencies and Pak Army to end the menace of terrorism from the sweet homeland of Pakistan.Its the right Time to speak boldly with Afghanistan,s leadership and establishment to stop allowing and supporting the sanctuaries of Terrorists based in the bordering areas of the that war torn country and freely planning, executing their deadly devils plans in Pakistan supported obviously by RAW and Other anti Pakistan forces to make hurdles in the ways Pakistan moving towards progress and prosperity.
Afghanistan as a state, government and nation should Know that behaving like this will not only harm Pakistan rather its blunder of the century and will ultimately ruin the stability of the region.
Nation is well aware of all the evils planned by devils and can deal it with ironic hands, intellectually, physically, diplomatically and politically so in the best interest of the area, Afghanistan should behave the way the world demands for. Otherwise they must know that Civil and Military leadership of Pakistan supported by nation can go for preemptive measures or offensive defense doctrine to protect its territorial integrity and lives of precious human beings live on God Gifted earth.
President PML N Tehsil Balambat Dir Lower.

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