Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Pictures tell the truth of Our Education System

International Literacy day is being celebrated around the globe On 8th September.
Its good to have a day to divert attention towards education. However mere celebration of a day and setting idle the whole year has no value. 25% children in our country are still out of schools. There are many more that are eager to get education. However education has never been priority of the governments. Moreover article 25 of the constitution of Pakistan guaranteed for All. There are many who's right to education has been neglected. Kids With Special Needs, Street Children, Girls, Nomad's and Child laborer are among them. There is no education beyond primary for special kids in KP. I would request special education department of KP to give special attention towards the education of Kids With Special Needs to enable and empower them to stand on their own feet in the life ahead. 
Status copied from Amir Zaad Gul Facebook Id
 The reality of our education system can be understood from the pics here we share for you.
This Pictures tell us every thing about Education in Third World
Its a time to play and go to schools but greed of breed is their fate. The Future dreams?? what may come out of this.
Every One Knows that education is the call of the day even deaf and dumb know it better but what???
In Naya KPK where Hassan Khan, Sonia Khan and Faisal Khan are denied to get education. 
Imran khan claims education is the priority of KPK government beside claiming that every thing in education will be changed within 90 days. Now after two years and three monts the progress ???
The Son of the Soil and the future of the future is here in the picture, tells much more, no need to explain the situation  of education In Pakistan.

Dear Imran khan of PTI and Pervaiz Khattak these pictures are open letters to you respected leaders, would you like to respond in coming 90 days even. 
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