Monday, 7 September 2015

Poetry for Aylaan Kurdi

Aylan Kurdi Poetry with most viewed paint for him.

Aylan Kurdi, went viral on internet when his pic of dead body came over surface in Turkish coast.
Aylan, his brother, Galip, 4, and mother, Rehen, drowned trying to make that dream a reality. The children's father, Abdullah Kurdi, survived, and accompanied their bodies to Kobani, where they were buried.
"I don't know what to do," he said as three coffins sat nearby. "I don't know what to say."
Kurdi said he will stay in the war-torn city where his wife and children are buried adjacent to one another.
In many lengauages of the world, Poets narrated the tragic end with their words and here it is in Pashto to pay tribute and remind his drastic and tragic death.
Poetry for Aylaan Kurdi tragic end. Poetry by Samiullah khatir
 This is the most viewed Paint by a painter of Alyan Kurdi

خپل سو شعرونہ دہ ایلان کردی پہ نوم۔
لیک سمیع اللہ خاطر۔

ستا دہ قدرت غیگہ کی ستڑے یم، دمہ کوومہ
خدایا دا سوک وائی چی مڑے یم، دمہ کوومہ

سوک چی پہ ڈز، سوک چی پہ بم او پہ بارودو مئین۔
زہ ھم دہ ھاغہ اولس غڑے یم ، دمہ کوومہ۔۔۔

دہ نڑئی خانہ ، ٹولے ژرندے او دانے ستا دی
زہ دی بے کسہ ژرندہ گڑے یم، دمہ کوومہ

تا دہ جنتہ ویستم خدایا ما گیلہ ونہ کڑہ۔
اوس دی مخلوق ھم راشڑلے یم، دمہ کوومہ۔
دلتہ بہ ھر وخت دہ مرگ غگ او دہ ٹوپک اواز وو۔
زہ دہ ٹول عمر نہ یر زڑے یم ،دمہ کوومہ۔

The Poem versified by Samiullah Khatir


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