Friday, 1 July 2016

18 Place On Must See While Visiting Kumrat Dir Upper

Kumrat Valley is a charming valley in Upper Dir district of KPK province in Pakistan. It is one of the beautiful valleys of Pakistan, and a picturesque spot for travelers. Every summer season thousands of tourists from different areas of the country visit to Kumrat valley and enjoy the pristine greenery and cool weather.
Kumrat Is really called Paradise on earth.

1. Panjkora River Kumrat Dir Upper KPK
Pajkora River Kumrat Dir upper KPK.

2. Wooden Canals, Thall, Kumrat Valley
 Wooden Canals, Thall, Kumrat Dir Upper

3. Waterfall in Jahaz Banda, Kumrat Valley
Waterfall in Jahaz Banda Kumrat Dir Upper KPK

4. Do Kala Chasma, Kumrat Valley
Do Kala Chashma Kumrat KPK, Dir Upper

Badagoi Pass, Kumrat Valley
Bandogai Pass Kumrat Dir Upper KPK
Chahrot Banda Kumrat Dir Upper
Chahrot, Banda Kumrat Dir Upper

Crooked Woods of Kumrat Dir Upper 
Crooked Woods of Kumrat Dir Upper 
Track To Katoray Lake Kumrat Dir Upper Dir KPK , Pakistan

Track To Katoray Lake, Kumrat Dir Upper KPK, Pakistan
9. 2nd Waterfall in Jehazbanda Kumrat Dir upper KPK
Waterfall In Jehaz Band Dir Upper Kumrat, Pakistan.
10. Katoray Lake In Kumrat Dir upper
Katory Lake In Kumrat Dir Upper
Jendhrai Track Kumrat Dir Upper.
Jendhrai Village, Track to Jehaz Banda, Kumrat Dir Upper
Kalkot Kumrat Valley Dir Upper Pakistan
Kalkoot Kumrat Dir Upper Pakistan
DoJangay, The Last Point of scenic Kumrat Valley
Dojangay Kumrat Dir Upper KPK
Thall Village Kumrat Dir Upper

Thall Village Kumrat Dir Upper
15. Jamia Masjid Thall Kumrat

Jamia Masjid Thall Kumrat Pakistan

Bara Dand Lake Kumrat Valley

Bara Dand Lake Kumrat Pakistan
Jehaz Banda, Kumrat Dir Upper
Jehaz Banda Kumrat Dir Upper Pakistan
18. Jendhrai Village Kumrat Pakistan
Jendhrai Village Kumrat Dir upper
Forest Kumrat Valley along with Pajnkoora River In Kumrat Valley Pakistan Dir Upper
Forest in Kumrat Valley DIR Upper near Panjkoora River streams from Kumrat .

Hope you never miss your chance to visit Kumrat Valley and enjoy these scenic place in Dir Pakistan.

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