Friday, 29 July 2016

Dir Nawab,s Time Rare Video

The video is viral on youtube and social media and said Nawab of Dir To be there in the video with children from royal family of Dir. The video was recorded in Peshawar and nawab of Dir is said to be there to enjoy the music of Ahmad Khan Ustad. though I don,t think so that Nawab of Dir had been captured in video yet the story is told the way shortly described here.
The song sung by Ahmad khan ostad is one of rare videos and said to be recorded in Princely state of DIR when Nawab of Dir was ruling State of Dir. A man wearing cap with mustaches on his face can be watched in middle of video many times. He is probebly Nawab of Dir that,s why focused many times by camera man. Though the reality and authenticity has to be checked from family members and those who lived at the time of Nawab of Dir and can recognize his face.  There are some pictures  of nawab of Dir  resembling the man in the video.
Any way Ahmad Khan Usad PASHTO song is great and can be enjoyed.
We will update about the authenticity of the video later on when confirmed.

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