Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hamza baba Kalam. Awaz Gul Panra.

Kalam Amir Hamza Khan Shinwari.
Awaz Gul Panra
Pashto Song
Pashto Song by Gul Panra.
Pashto Poetry By Amir Hamza Khan Shinwar, Baba E Ghazal.

Hamza Baba is great pashto poet while Gul Panra is new female singer of Pashto who rocked pashto music industry in last few years.
HERE is hamza baba ghazal sung by Gul Panra.
Hamza baba says,, sta pa anango ke da hamza da weno sra di.. Ta shway da pukhto ghazala zwan za di baba krama..
The ghazal is
Kha waye ashna da nangyalo khabary nori di.
Poy sha da ulfat da lewano khabari nori di.
ghazal by Amir Hamza Shinwari song by Gul Panra.
Sook che pa lar ke da wafa pati day.
Hagha nemghary nema khwa paty dai.
Gul parna kalam amir hamza shinwari
pashto ghazal 2016.
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