Thursday, 7 July 2016

Imran khan visit to Kumrat Dir Upper. Complete Video

Imran khan In Kumrat Dir Upper.

Complete video of Imran khan TO Kumrat Dir Upper. Kumrat Dir Upper is situated in KPK Dir Upper Kohistan and one of best, scenic, beautiful, evergreen, and lush green visiting, touring spot explored to the world by Internet bloggers. The Kumrat valley in May 2016 visited by PTI chairman Imran khan which brought a lot of people to consider the valley. After Imran khan visit most of The Pakistani tv channels and other international media outlets and social media sites trended to produce documentaries on Kumrat Dir Upper to put the beauty of the area in front of world and attract the visitor and tourists to the valley. The Pashto Times has produced many documentaries on Kumrat Pakistan and will sooner be loaded to its website Pashto Times. Kumrat valley is rightly called paradise on earth. One must visit Kumrat vally at least once in life.
Kumrat valley complete visit by Imran khan of PTI.

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