Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Updated Pakistan Website Launched.

Highly Professional team of committed, experts and experienced Urdu Journalist have officially launched the new Urdu News Website Updated Pakistan last week. The website will bring you all you need, want to read and like from various beats of news industry. The website also requires reporters across Pakistan and writers to write for social change, politics, technology, sports and every thing they want to write on.

The website will a blend of experiences of new and veteran writers to work together to grow more opportunities for learning and growth as well as contributing to the online news industry and online journalism in Urdu.
If you are enough confident and believed to be skilled to write Urdu articles for a well visited website like Updated Pakistan so you have to pick up your pen right now and write Urdu articles for the mentioned website. The website will be paying to its contributors and Urdu columnists once the team is completed and ranked.

So write for Updated Pakistan and be a part of the team which is committed to achieve a common goal for making sky the limit.

Junaid Khan.
For Submitting your Urdu Articles
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The Website of Updated Pakistan.

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