Thursday, 16 August 2018

History of Yousafzai Malizai in Dir Lower From Gumnaam Riasat by Suliman Shahid.

The Urdu article is taken from Suliman Shahid book Gumnaam Riyasat, a history book about forgotten state of Dir.
In the article The history, origin of Yousafzai tribes in Dir are discussed in details.

The links of the articles are below linked to lead to the complete artilces in Urdu about the history of Dir, History of Yousafzai in Dir or Malizai tribes 

History of Yousafzai,

History of Yousafzai Tribes in Dir Lower

Why Yousafzai are called Malizai in Dir 

History of Sultan Khel Yousafzai

History of Painda Khel Yousafzai in Dir

History of Nasraddin Khel Yousafzai in Dir

History of Osa Khel Yousafzai or Ossa khel or Oosa Khel In Dir

Who was Malay baba?

Where Malay baba lived?
The sons of Malay baba
How the inheritance divided in Dir by Sheikh Mili for yousafzai tribes

All these questions and topics are discussed in the gumnaam riasat book Linked here, click it to read the complete Urdu Article about Yousafzai history. 

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