Thursday, 16 August 2018

Reham Khan will be praising Imran Khan. Latest Interview of Reham Khan with VOA Urdu.

In latest interview with VOA Urdu, Reham khan,  ex wife of Imran khan told that she will be surely praising and appreciating Imran khan if he delivers after becoming Prime Minister of Pakistan, what he promised during last few years.

The link of Reham Khan complete Urdu Interview with VOA

Reham Khan Urdu Interview published on Updated Pakistan 

Reham Khan told VOA Urdu that she has no sorry for not becoming first lady as Imran khan wins 2018 elections and just a day away to take oath as prime minister of Pakistan.

Reham khan also criticized Shehbaz Sharif for his compromising politics and told if she would have been member of parliament, she will surely be not voting Shehbaz Sharif nor Imran khan. Reham Khan told VOA Urdu that her book is getting more than she expected. Reply a question she said that she will be going to Pakistan very soon but not sure what she will do , social work or journalism as career. However she said that Journalist is hard job in Pakistan now adays.

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