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Guidelines for a successful Life.

To be successful is the the dream of every one but how to be successful ?? this has a big question mark to answer. Success is not that easy as we just think and wish it. It needs hard work, courage, learning, commitment and devotion.
The News Tribe special report reveals that to achieve success in life one must follow certain rules which are simple yet proved.
The 15 key rules for success are mentioned shortly in English as well as in Urdu.
The Key Points For Successful Life In Urdu.

The Key Points For Successful Life in English..
1. Know who are you, What are your values and for what do you stand.
2. A small group of like minded people or at least a honest, committed and devoted friend.
3. Gather the people around you who enjoy and celebrate your successes. Those who listen your point of view carefully.
4. Learn and know how worthy life is and there is no guarantee for tomorrow. Continuously remind yourself that who and why you are there. Express your feelings and thoughts.
5. Understand that troubles and miseries in life are out of your control,just focus and enjoy good things of happiness in life.
6. Be generous and help your friends how much they need and you can.  Don,t keep the rewards in mind while helping others, your,s friends happiness is the biggest reward for you.
7. Don,t let fears to dominate your life and your great thoughts and feelings. Love your family, friends, country, belongings, parents, children and even strangers to have joys of life.
8. Find something positive in your life which keeps you motivated, mobilized and encouraging in your life.
9. Have a collection of Memories which make you smile and laugh, which make you humble, gentle and sober.
10. Have enough courage in yourself that make you able to find your own ways of success in life.  Remember that life is your and learn you live your own style as you wish and you have the right to do so.
11. Learn how to hold your tongue mean how to be quiet and must learn how to listen others as much as you can as every one has something to share and contribute.
12. Control your bad habits and even quit bad habits. You have life for once then why spoil it in bad things and wrong doings.
13. Try to learn from every experience, happening and exposure of your life and try these to be parts of guidelines for your future and don,t forget to share your experiences with your friends and colleagues.
14. Try new things and take initiatives in your life with out apprehension and fear.
15. Respect every human with out discrimination of his creed, caste, religion and nationality.

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