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What women like in men. How you can be prince of charming

What do women look for in a man
We are all trying to find someone who would be perfect for us – women are a lot more complicated than men are, and they always keep their radars on and look for the qualities that a perfect man should be having. Almost every woman has an image of how her perfect partner should look like. Though, expectations vary from individual to individual, there are some of the characteristics almost all women seek in their prince charming.
Honesty – honest men are highly respected and this is a very important feature women look for when it comes to choosing a partner. Honest men always hold on to their words and their acts and this is a feature which tells women that she has a brave man by her side.
Gentleman – every real man should be polite, courteous, considerate and attentive to his woman’s needs. There is no excuse for a man not a be a gentleman. If you want to impress a girl, be a gentleman.
Sincerity – a real man would not avoid answers, and will always participate in the conversation and look you straight in the eyes while talking. It means he is honest in what he has to say and interested in what you have to say.
Truthfulness – an honest man will always tell the truth, not what you want to hear. The truth can sometimes hurt but it is always better than a bunch of lies. However, you have to learn the art of saying the truth in a way that would not break the confidence of your woman.
Maturity – the thing that women hate the most in men is their immaturity. When a man mature, he is capable of taking care of himself and can have a calm approach towards solving his problems. So don’t just act mature, be mature.
Self-confidence – women adore a man who believes in himself while at the same time knows his limits. Self-confidence is an indicator that he will remain true to himself and us.
A positive attitude – it is an indicator that a man is happy with his life. They have a positive approach towards and can make a woman smile and help her come out of our depression. Yes we often get depressed on small things. So be positive as much as you can.
Fidelity – this is one of the most important characteristics of a real man. Although it is a difficult to predict, according to a recent survey, more than 60 percent of male partners have cheated on their partners. Nothing destroys a woman more than finding out that she has been cheated on.
In a nutshell, women want a powerful figure, a man who has a clear view of the world, a stable individual, someone who is not constantly questioning, someone who knows what he wants with his life and how to achieve it.
We want men who are there for us when we need them, someone who will take care of us and someone besides whom we can feel like real women – protected, loved and secure. This is why a man must remain strong. He has to be a conqueror of his woman’s heart. We wish to belong to someone but at the same time we wish to remain free in order to stay true to ourselves.
While it is true that there is no Mr. Perfect we do have this concept of a man who can provide us a tablespoon of happiness, a few teacups of material stability, a slice of comfort and freedom, a pound of trust, a grain of true romance and a yeast of love in order to make a thick relationship pastry that will sure grow over time.

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