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Reasons of Jamat E Islami and PTI loss In PK 93 Dir Upper

 As the alliance of Rulling Parties of KPK, Jamat Islami and PTI defeated by opposition led by PPP in PK 93 Dir Upper so the discussion of JI Defeat in Dir as hard topic to talk about in mainstream media and social media as well.
A facebook user updated his status to comment the reasons of JI plus PTI defeat in Upper Dir
Copied status in Urdu is shared here
پی-کے 93 کے انتخابات اور جماعت اسلامی کی شکست:-
انتخابات صاف اور شفاف ہوۓ اور خواتین کو ووٹ کا حق ملا یہ سب سے بڑی اور مثبت پیش رفت ہے۔۔
پی۔پی۔پی نے انتخابی میچ اچھی سوجھ بوجھ سے کیھلا، تمام قابل ذکر پلئیرز کو ساتھ ملایا اور میچ جیت لیا۔۔
دوسری جانب اپنے سوا کسی کو بھی مسلمان کامل نہ سمجھنے والی، ایمانداری اور کرپشن کے بجاۓ سیکولرازم/کلین شیو اور اسلام/داڑھی،ٹوپی کی سیاست میں الجھی ہوئی جماعت اسلامی ملک بہرام کے گھر میں ٹکٹ دینے جیسی سیاسی غلطی کے علاوہ اپنی حلیف پی۔ٹی۔آئی کی حمایت سے بھی محروم رہی۔۔
اگر آپ سارا سال پی۔ٹی۔آئی کے سب سے بڑے حریف بن کرعلمی اور اصلاحی تنقید کے بجاۓ طعن و طنز پر مبنی الزام تراشی کریں گے تو عین الیکشن کے دن پی۔ٹی۔آئی سپورٹ کیسے کرے گی؟؟؟۔۔۔
یہ تو واضع ھوا کہ پی۔پی۔پی، ن لیگ، جے۔یو۔آئی ف، اے۔این۔پی اور ایم۔کیو۔ایم ایک ہی کلب کے ممبر/حلیف ہیں اور رہیں گے لہذا جماعت اسلامی کی قیادت کو بھی واضع کرنا ھو گا کہ کیا انکا بھی کوئی حلیف ھے؟؟ یا وہ پی۔ٹی۔آئی کے خلاف بونیر میں اے۔این۔پی، چترال میں جے۔یو۔آئی ف اور پشاور میں پی۔پی۔پی سے اتحاد بھی کر سکتی ھے اور الیکشن ہار کر پی۔ٹی۔آئی سے 

  شکوہ بھی۔۔۔
Rulling parties PTI and JI in a alliance lost its own seat of PK 93 Dir Upper to Sahibzada Sanaullah of PPP in Dir Upper in re elections as the EX MPA of Jamat Islami Mr. Malak Behram khan was deseated by election tribunal for holding and submitting fake graduation degree to the EC during the nomination time before national elections in 2013.
A Face Book User Supporting PML N Farmanullah khan PML N commented the reasons in a query post
جماعت کو دیر میں عبرت ناک شکست:جماعت کی کچھ غلطیاں اگر وه نه کرتے تو یه سیٹ جماعت کبھی نه ھارتا-1(پهلی غلطی:رائے دی تھی که ملک بحرام کو عبرت ناک سزا دی جائے جس سے دیر میں اور پورے پاکستان میں جماعت اسلامی کا ایک اچھا امیج بن جائے گا- لیکن………………………2(دوسری غلطی:ملک بحرام کے بیٹے کو ٹکٹ نه دے- اس سے جماعت کا امیج خراب ھوگا که جماعت میں بھی خاندانی سیاست شروع ھوگیا لیکن ھر کوئی کھتا تھا که ملک بحرام کی خاندان کی اپنا ووٹ ھیں جس سے وه جیت جائے گا اب وه ووٹ کھاں گیا……………………3(تیسری غلطی:پی ٹی آئی سے دیر میں جماعت کا اتحاد ممکن نھیں پی ٹی آئی دیر میں جماعت سے اتحاد کا ناٹک مرکزی لیڈرشپ کی زور پر کرتی ھیں مگر ووٹ کبھی جماعت کو نھیں دیتی لوکل لیڈر شپ کی وجه سےاور اس کا پته ھمیں Pk-95 میں ھوا تھا- رائے دی تھی که پی ٹی آئی کے ساتھ اتحاد کی کوشش نه کرے اسکے امیدوار کو کھڑا کرنے دے تاکه اسکے ووٹ ضائع ھوجائے لیکن…………………اب نتیجه سب کے سامنے ھیں که کیا ھوا
 There are many reasons behind the lost of JI and PTI collision. Number one PTI supporters in some areas did not supported JI as they were stressing the party leadership to have its own candidate as the were having reservation on the attitude of PTI in Dir Lower and Upper. Though PTI flags were with JI flags on offices and vehicles moving around to convince the voters, the PTI flags, Pervaiz khatak , Imran khan pictures were also on Azam khan posters and banners who was defeated by PPP Sahibzada Sanaullah but same was the case in other alliance camps as PTI flags Pictures of Khan were placed there as well. I mean there was a clear rift in PTI Dir Upper, one was supporting Aazam Khan of JI and other was wholeheartedly supporting PPP led collision.
We will upload some of the pics later on which will show that PTI was rifted in PK 93 and there was grouping against the decision of the party leadership to stand with JI in Dir For the second Time in Dir.
2nd reason was the effective propaganda of United alliance of PPP, PML N, JUI F And ANP against JI for its Ex MPA holding fake graduation degree. The alliance used it very effectively in their campaign which conviced the voters even belonging to JI that one claiming to be stood on Islamic footings should not do fake things and say lie.It harmed JI in the by poll and Made dead PPP win here.
Daily The News Islamabad Pakistan reported the win of PPP as major set back for JI in Dir Upper and I will say its a game changer for Politics of Dir Lower and Dir Upper where Jamat Isalami Pakistan was ruling since last 40 years and the members and leadership of JI was considering JI is unbeatable in this home ground.

The Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) suffered a setback in one of its traditional strongholds as the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) candidate Sahibzada Sanaullah won the by-election for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly seat PK-93 in Upper Dir district on Tuesday.

According to unofficial results from 90 out of 134 polling stations, PPP candidate Sahibzada Sanaullah polled 21,850 votes while JI’s Malik Azam Khan got 16,000 votes.

The seat had fallen vacant after Malik Behram Khan of the JI was disqualified by

the Election Tribunal for

possessing a fake degree. His son Malik Azam Khan was given the JI ticket to contest the by-election.

There were 148,796 registered voters in the constituency with the majority being males.

The women for the first time cast votes in a few polling stations in the constituency. In the past, the women were barred from voting by the male candidates and also by the local politicians under an agreement.

The polling started at 8am and closed at 5pm. There were strict security measures in place for the polling. All the polling stations were declared sensitive.

PPP candidate Sahibzada Sanaullah was backed by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl and Awami National Party. The PTI had announced support for JI’s Malik Azam and its leader Saifullah Niazi had accompanied the JI chief Sirajul Haq to attend a public meeting during the election campaign in Wari town.

The JI had won the PK-93 seat in the May 2013 general elections. The party was under pressure to retain it but it seems its choice of candidate didn’t go well with the voters. It is also unclear if the PTI voters voted for the JI candidate or not as many party activists didn’t want to do so.

Malik Behram’s unseating for holding a fake degree had damaged the JI reputation. The loss meant the PPP had snatched a JI seat in the latter’s stronghold.

The JI had won all the national and provincial assemblies’ seats in the May 2013 general election.

The Report is from The News Pakistan.

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