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Rizwanullah Shamal saib Pashto Poetry.


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 I well remember the days 19 years ago when a senior in our literary circles was saying  and suspecting  that there is someone really grown up, well learned, mature poet ( May be a Poetess did not want to show her self )   hiding behind Young Rizwanullah as it was hard to believe that teenager Rizwanullah Shamal ( Then Rizwanullah Parhar  ) can compose such meaningful, brilliant and epic master pieces of Poetry. It shows how Shamal Poetry was and how is.

Rizwanullah the name given by his parents but he gracefully and proudly earned Shamal and Then '' Da Pukhtunkhwa Shamal'' by his great work he contributed  to Pashto Literature and Poetry.  Among the friends and literary circles he is known as  young visionary, dynamic, subliminally expressive poet looks like to be playing with words and Ideas for his people in a creative and far-sighting way.

Rizwanullah Shamal Poetry is well loved for his composition and combination of pain of love and love for his people and this makes him unique among the contemporary poets and writers.  He manages to express the pains, love, Folklore, romance, realities, truth and all about soil and sons of the soil in such a way that the listeners and readers are fascinated to reflex with a waaaaaah.

Shamal knows well how to co relate bitter realities and history with romantic expression to appeal his reader to think and enjoy at the same time. I will surely argument my statement by mentioning a verse from his poetry to make myself stand corrected for what I claim about his writings.

ده اورنګ او ده خوشال ده لخکر جنګ دے
  که زما ده زړه او ستا ده نظر جنګ دے
In the above mentioned verse he reflects romance with a folk Pashtun nationalistic narrative, approach hinting historical facts Pashtuns had and have to face living in the region.

One will be wandering how he manages to versify some bitter realities while others would hardly bother even to mention as he writes.

دا دوۍ ته چي ۍ اوس ده پټيدو سوړے معلوم دی
 نو دا خلک اوس څنګه ده دوي نه دی, خودروغ دی

The below Verse I love to read and quote often , needs no explanation for pain we had and are going through
تاريخه داسی وخت په پختنو هم وو راغلی
بچو له ۍ قلم هم په ټوپک باندي ساتو.....

Rizwanullah Shamal Pashtun Narrative, vision, Understanding of the issues of the soil can be purely and well reflected by his Nazam Inqilaab Linked Here. 

Rizwanullah Shamal is well known PASHTO poet hailing from  Baroon Dir Lower. Beside working in Education department he studies his M. Phil leading to Ph.D from University of Malakand. Shamal is Founding Member And incumbent General Secretary  of Dir Pukhto Adabi Karwan Dir Lower. He often remains an inspiration for young writers within and outside the organization.

Simply Shamal,s poetry is  all about life, his soil, his people, unique ideas, nationalistic but realistic  approach to diagnose the real and core reasons to cure the ill bodied social and political structure of the land,   not empty slogans and shallow rhetoric only aiming to entertain the listeners and readers.

The Publishing Committee Of Dir Pukhto Adabi Karwan is working zealously  for arrangements to launch Shamal,s Poetry book in coming March 2019 for his lovers and valued readers. 

Detailed Introduction and info will be published on this blog soon . You can search Rizwanullah Shamal Pashto Poety on YouTube as well..

Here is a Pashto Ghazal Poetry of Rizwanullah Shamal.

Creative Art Work by Hayat Utmankhel and Posted by Samiullah Khatir of Dir Pukhto Adabi Karwan.

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