Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Old pictures of Peshawar City

Here is the time Pashto Times share some historical old pictures of Peshawar city to make you imagine of days gone.
Qila Bala Hisar is very historical among others in Peshawar built long ago.
The few pics from different periods of times by Pashto Times.
The picture was snapped back in 19th centurey as mentioned in pic in 1878.
More pics

Peshawar back in 1922 
Qisa khwani Bazar Peshawar.
 In 1928, a Munshi letter writer or dispatch writer sitting in busy street of  Peshawar city. You would particularly like the child smiling with cute gestures. 

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The color picture back in 1967 of Qila Bala Hisar.
The following shared picture is said to taken back in 1826, showing the dusty site outside Qila Bala Hisar.
Then in 1988 

Yet To be updated.
Be with Pashto Times
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