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Gul Mar Jan ye Na Mane... Who is Gul Mar Jan.دا گل مرجان سوک دے۔ ???

گل مرجان سوک دے؟؟؟
گل مرجان ئی ولے نہ منی؟؟
دہ گل مرجان بہ ئی پلار ھم منی؟
گل مرجان بہ ئی سنگ نہ منی؟

These are the confusing sentences now a days you come across on internet while hanging out Facebook Or others social media.

Gul Mar Jan ye na Mani is a most popular slogan chanted now a days in Afghanistan and this goes viral very supper, duper hit phrase that che Gul Mar Jan ye na Mani.گل مرجان ئی نہ منی۔
او جواب کی داوائی چی دہ گل مرجان بہ ئی ھغہ پلار ھم منی۔۔۔ ھاھاھاھ
Actually these sentences are used very commonly after the 2nd round of Afghan Presidential election in which Dr. Ashraf Ghani defeated Dr. Abdullah Abdullah or غبرگ عبداللہ double Abdullah who is sarcastically called as Gul Mar Jan.
Gul Mar Jan was a student in an Afghan institute who rejected the schedule for classes, exams or mess fool plan  in the college of University and refused with saying that Gul Mar Jan Ye Na Mani گل مرجان ئی نہ منی۔
and by that time this sentence went all the way across the uni and every one was saying che Gul Marjan ye na maney and Gul Marjan was taunted by this and finally he migrated to any other university to get rid of Gul Mar Jan ye na mani but his old fellows managed to informed the students of his newly migrated uni and thus Gul Marjaaan left that Uni also and became a street vendor of vegetables in Kabul. Here people also teased him by calling him that Gul Mar Jan ye na mani, or Gul Mar Jan ye wali na mani, and The Gul Marjan ba ye hagha plar hum mani, bul mar jan ba ye sanga na mani and sentences like that and here too Gul Marjan left the Kabul city and went somewhere about any one does not know him to call and tease him" Gul Marjan ye mani.
But last week when Dr. Abdullah Abdullah ( Double Abdullah ) lost in Presidential election, refused the results and alleged the independent election commission of rigging the people of Afghanistan started to call him Gul Marjan and these sentences like gul mar jan ye na  mani, gul mar jan ye wali na  mani, and the Da Gul Mar Jan ba ye Hagha plar hum Mani, went extremely viral  گل مرجان ئی نہ منی۔ گل  مرجان ئی ولے نہ منی، گل مرجان بہ ئی سنگ نہ منی۔ دہ گل مرجان بہ ئی ھغہ پلار ھم منی۔

In nut shell Dr. Abdullah Abdullah is now days called Gul Marjan, who alleging Asgharaf Ghani and election  commission officers especially Zia ullah Amar Khail  for rigging the election to give a chance to Pukhtoon President instead of non pashtoon like double Abdullah or غبرگ عبداللہ
There are many face book funny pages about Gul Mar Jan and the rate of  popularity of these  is really high.
The Main Facebook Page Gul Mar Jan ye na Many گل مرجان یی نہ منی is very much more popular for its post and viewership. The page had gotten more than 12000 likes just with in week of its creation on FB.

 Hope now Pashto Times viewers would have known actually who is Gul Marjan and what is the true story of Gul Marjaan.
Babooo G is also in action in the Gul Mar Jan serious.
Pashto Times will be regularly updating funny Posts about Gul Marjaaaan time to time, so be with Pashto Times and have a fun...

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