بدھ، 4 مارچ، 2015

Why we search Gul Panra Sex???

 In Pakistan specially on Internet nothing is more searched than sex sex sex and Sex and now its turning to search Pashto Sex or any known Pashto Female Singer.
Interestingly Pashto Times is searched for Gul Panra sex or Gul Panra fucked which makes one wonder what kind of people we are who just think about sex of celebrities. Gul Panra is a well known and esteemed Pashto Singer and have audience in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Its very shameful that we relate sex with Pashto female singer and become interested to see how they do sex or whom they have sexual relationship or how she fucked?. This is really embarrassing as a Pashtoon for me to see this kind of approach and attitude of our Pashtoon brothers about our artists. I often notice terms searched like Gul Panra hot fucked, Gul Panra full naked fucked, Gul Panra sex with boys and such like this on the dashboard of Pashto Times I think why we think that Gul Panra will be doing this and if she does why and how she will be so stupid to do it in front of camera to be uploaded on internet.
This is the right time to grow up and behave like civilized nation as Pakistanis and Pashtoons that every one should be respected and not consider any one wild sexy like one has in his own mind.
What the pathetic  and psychos we are that most of the searched terms goes like Pashtoon girl sex in park, Pashtoon girls fucked in college. Is this a wild world of shameless animals who does every thing openly ? Why we think that Pashtoons girls will be uploading their videos on internet to be seen by every one pathetic and mentally ill minded man, the worst chronically creature on the earth. ?

Once again We Suggest that don,t waste your time to search terms of Pashtoon actors sex as there are no such video could be find on internet and 2ndly all the searches like this are noted by the admins of the websites, yahoo, google and others and they monthly, bi monthly and annualy they publish reports of trends of different countries and shamefully Pakistan often tops the list of searches for sex.
For God Sake grow up and keep your sex with your self and have a better and legal use of this very gift to enjoy your life and extand your kinship. Don,t think that you will find Gul Panra, Nazia Iqbal, Musaraf Shaheen, Reham khan, Nawaz Sharif, Imran khan sex and of others. No  way you have no chance of finding it even in the coming three centuries so why then waste your time which is money even more than that.
One thing I must clear that if they will do it than still you don,t have a chance to see it on internet and use it to malign or exploit for your self. You will just wasting your time or hardly doing masturbation to spoil your precious water drops you have been blessed for good.
Hope This would be the last time you searched this term on Google and if not then Lagay Rahoo Mona bhai but the result will be Zero as previous.So grow up and do some thing positive to spare sex for your life partner to make her happy and satisfy other wise I fear you will face troubles to keep her retain in your sweat dreamed bed.
If you are more than 25 and have decent job to earn hands to mouth then please hurry up and find a decent girl to marry.
Silent Message to sex searchers.
Pashto Times.

2 تبصرے:

  1. Inspite of being Muslims and Islamic country we are at the top position for most porn searched countries..
    shame for us..:(

    جواب دیںحذف کریں
  2. Your message could be conveyed in a different way in different words. This is not the right way and right words that we should use in article. It can only be done in one case in order to increase traffic of the blog. Hope you won't mind my point of view.

    جواب دیںحذف کریں

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